It sounds cliche, but using oils has definitely changed my life. At the bottom of some of my posts you will find me share about the oil I'm currently obsessed with, and a little bit about how I'm using it. Here I've just included more information about which oils I love, how I use them, products I've made, and more!

If you are interested in purchasing your own starter kit, or even wanting to begin your own Young Living business, you can e-mail me [megan.bee4@gmail.com], and I would love to help you begin your own journey to wellness!

My own progression into using oils began when I was just tired of taking mass amounts of medication to try to stop all my migraines. I knew it couldn't be good for my body, so I began looking for healthier ways to support my body. 

From there I slowly began using oils in natural cleaning products, adding them to my moisturizers, making my own face wash, I even bought my own diffuser. But, it wasn't enough. I knew some of my oils weren't safe for topical use, and none of them were safe for ingestion. I wanted to begin switching the majority of chemicals in my home for natural products, so I took the dive and purchase the starter kit you see above. So what oils do I love? Let's check them out!

I almost feel  required to start off with Lavender! After all it was the first oil I ever bought, and one of my most used still! Personally, I use this on my feet before bed, on my scalp when my skin is irritated, on small burns and bug bites. It is amazing mixed in rollers or diffusers with cedarwood (to promote calming or sleep) or with lemon as a clean, uplifting scent!

I don't know about you, but I have always loved lemon everything. Lemon flavored food and desserts, lemon scented cleaning supplies and soaps, love it all! So naturally Lemon is one that I use the most! I love to put it in my water in the mornings, I take it in capsules to support my health, I mix it in nearly all of my personal cleaning supplies, I diffuse it often with Purification (for a clean home), or in a roller with Joy to support my emotions.

Oh Thieves, how I love thee! Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas? Thieves is like Christmas in a bottle. It's such a lovely scent, but it is a wellness powerhouse! I use this (and the concentrated Thieves cleaner) to clean and disinfect everything in my house, I diffuse it (sometimes with Lemon) to support our health, I take in in capsules. It is a delicious smelling way to stay healthy!

Purification is spring cleaning in a bottle, you guys! Personally, I love citronella (the candles for keepy those pesky mosquitoes at bay), and it is one of the central smells in this blend. Purification is amazing at soaking up unwanted scents. This is one of my favorite to diffuse with Lemon to make my house smell clean, I've used it to make a room spray, I use it to rid my house of persistent smells (the cat food in the pantry corner, the trash, the litter box, etc). If Thieves is my wellness powerhouse, then Purification is my cleaning powerhouse!

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