101 in 1001: Round 2

A couple of years ago I began this blog with my 101 in 1001. I have been obviously inconsistent on this platform, but my work towards my list actually ended this fall. I ended up achieving 48 of my goals, or 47.5%. Completing the list also teaches you alot. I learned that I hate knitting chunky projects, macarons are too damn finicky to be worth it, and I’m not great at keeping track of books I read.

Because my initial list was created in January, this year I decided to create a new list. Did I accomplish everything I set out to? No. But did I achieve a wide range of things I would not have intentionally worked towards? Yes. Intention here is the keyword. I have set my intention towards growing in a number of areas both personally and professionally, and my list helps me to stay on track and try new things.

I wanted to share my list because I’m so fascinated by the lists of others! Have you ever made a list like this before? Drop a comment below and tell me what you would put on your list!

101 in 1001
Beginning: January 1st, 2019
Ending: September 28th, 2021

1. Go camping
2. Go for a hike up North
3. Go to Antelope Canyon
4. Go to Monument Valley
5. Visit NYC at Christmastime
6. Take Kae to Disneyland
7. Visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market
8. Travel to a new state
9. Get a new stamp on my passport
10. Watch a meteor shower outside of the city
11. Visit 3 national parks
12. Visit the Olive Oil Mill
13. Tour a distillery
14. Renew my passport
15. Create list of weeknight staple meals
16. Create list of hosting staple meals
17. Find my signature cocktail (Old fashioned, Gin martini)
18. Try 10 new restaurants (Little Miss BBQ (1/19), Tutti Santi (3/19), Dine Grill (3/19))
19. Make a choux dessert
20. Make a dessert with fresh flowers
21. Try making macarons again
22. Make pickles
23. Make puff pastry
24. Make mozzarella
25. Make caramels
26. Make pesto
27. Take a cooking or knife skills class
28. Make pot pie
29. Join a farm CSA
30. Make pasta with a rolling pin
31. Make pane bianco
32. Keep my sourdough starter alive (Started 3/19)
33. Make a filled pasta
34. Make granola
35. Make a big layer cake
36. Make hummus
37. Create a recipe
38. Make a meal from farmers market purchases
39. Make a souffle
40. Try 5 new foods
41. Make a lattice top pie crust
42. Maintain monthly freezer meals
43. Replace my coffee pot with an espresso machine

Personal Growth
44. Buy fresh flowers monthly (2/19, 3/19)
45. Unplug one day per month (
46. Read 30 new books (Self-Compassion 1/19)
47. Complete a 30 day yoga challenge
48. Watch 30 documentaries (Period: End of Story 3/19)
49. Learn 5 new things about music production (
50. Empty out my car (Jan. 2019)
51. Get dental insurance
52. Develop a signature clothing style/capsule wardrobe
53. Develop morning and evening habits
54. Find a signature fragrance
55. Practice yoga 3x week
56. Self-care nail painting monthly (1/18,
57. Attend a book/supper club at least once

Creative Pursuits
58. Knit a grocery tote
59. Knit an item of clothing
60. Learn hand lettering (started January 2019)
61. Create my own bath/beauty product
62. Make a fresh wreath
63. Buy a camera
64. Make an iron-on vinyl project
65. Complete 5 knitting projects
66. Upcycle a dresser
67. Build/upcycle a kitchen table
68. Build/upcycle nightstands
69. Make a wine bottle craft
70. Make my own door mat

71. Have someone over to our house twice a month (1/19, 2/19, 3/19)
72. Attend an opera
73. Watch live jazz music
74. Try Top Golf
75. See a new musical
76. Get back to the symphony again
77. Throw a surprise party

78. Homemade gifts for Christmas
79. Christmas cookie/candy boxes
80. Pay anonymous dinner bill
81. Give 5 “just because” gifts
82. Have a sister day, my treat
83. Send someone flowers
84. Clutter-free/experiential gifts for Christmas
Business Pursuits
85. Blog at least 1x/month on each blog
86. Start a blog
87. Set up marketing content for TpT
88. Make a blog logo
89. Create a workspace
90. Set up Pinterest board SEO
91. Blog at least 10 completed goals/updates
92. Host an Instagram giveaway
93. Have 100 items in TpT store
94. Have 50 items in Etsy shop
95. Go one month without eating out
96. Pay off two debts
97. Begin investing in a retirement fund
98. Research trailer/Berlin living
99. Find a new job
100. Find a laundry solution worth my time and money
101. Continue weekly planning night with Uriah

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