101 in 1001

You know, I feel like as a blogger I have nothing worth saying. I'm not sure yet what I want to publish, or if my voice is worth sharing. So, while I work through that existential dilemma, I'm going to share something light and personal!

I make resolutions most new years, not because I think I'll keep them but for tradition and a chance to challenge myself moving forward. I always do resolutions that include a look back at my previous years accomplishments. This year my boyfriend and I made 3 resolutions, but I wanted to do more. When the holidays hit last year I was feeling very restless. A month before that I had returned from a trip to North Africa, and looking around I was in a place of feeling unhappy with my workplace and felt like I had no personal life outside of work. It was beginning to feel overwhelming, but I didn't know how to change or what to focus on moving forward.

I had been looking around Pinterest at the resolutions posts, and ran across something called the 101 in 1001. The idea is to make a list of 101 things you want to do in the next, you guessed it, 1001 days. I mulled over the idea for a few days, then on January 1st of this year my sister and I made our lists.

My partner in list making on the left.
Lists can be organized however you like, and here's my list below! Some items have already been completed and some are ongoing in progress goals. My sister shared both our lists on her blog, so this is copied directly from there:

Megan’s Goals

Starts January 1, 2016
Ends September 28, 2018
13 completed, 88 to go

This year, I’m turning 30. My life has been riddled with stupid choices and soul searching. It has taken me a long time to figure out who I am, but now I know. I have finished school and I’ve spent two years in my career, which I love; I finally feel like my life is settling down. I know who I am, what I want, what I enjoy. I love my job, but I want my life to be defined by so much more than what I do for a living. I don’t want to spend all my free time doing paperwork and prep. I want my life to be full of love, laughter, experiences. I want to be intentional about feeding my creativity, about gaining new skills, about traveling to new places. Who knows, maybe this list is just an early mid-life crisis. All I know is, I want my life to be marked by a passion for the people, places, and things around me. This list will help me do that!


1. Take a cooking class
2. Host Thanksgiving Dinner (Nov. 2016)
3. Make a soufflé
4. Take a knife skills class
5. Make homemade pasta
6. Pickle something (Jan. 2016)
Make bread from scratch(Jan. 2016)
8. Cook all meals at home for one month
9. Try 5 new foods (Feb. 2016--bibimbap, chicken hearts, chicken liver mousse, quail egg, blood sausage)
10. Make dinner with ingredients picked from a local farm or farmers market
11. Make my own pie crust
12. Make my own puff pastry
Make macarons(Jan. 2016)
14. Go meatless for one month
15. Make mozzarella
16. Make homemade pizza, dough and all (June 2017)
17. Make homemade orange rolls
18. Make caramels
19. Make freezer meals one time a month for six months (January 2016, February 2016, May 2017)
20. Make homemade vanilla (Nov. 2016)
21. Make pesto
22. Grow (and keep alive) my own tiny herb garden (I'm trying, but this Arizona heat...)
23. Learn to poach an egg
24. Make pumpkin pie from a pumpkin (Nov. 2016)
25. Make homemade fried donuts (May 2017)
26. Join a farm CSA
27. Make tabbouleh
28. Make the perfect coconut rice
29. Try 26 new Pinterest recipes (I can't say I kept perfect track but this was meant to be every two weeks, but I use pinterest for meals basically every two days now!)
Cook a completely French meal(5 courses!--January 2016)
Try a new type of international cuisine(Korean, January 2016)


32. Visit the Grand Canyon
Visit the Rez with Uriah(March 2016)
34. Go on a spontaneous road trip
35. Stand on the Four Corners
36. Visit Antelope Canyon
37. Visit Monument Valley
Go to the Renaissance Festival(February 2016)
39. Hike to Havasu Falls
40. Visit Tovrea Castle (Sept. 2017)
41. Go to Disney Land with Uriah
42. Watch a meteor shower at Lost Dutchman
43. Take Uriah to Washington
44. Visit a new country
45. Drive to the top of South Mountain
46. Visit NYC between Thanksgiving-Christmas
47. Visit a new state
48. Visit Harry Potter World (Sept. 2016)
49. Visit the Musical Instrument Museum
50. Visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market


51. Design and hang a gallery wall (March 2016)
52. Knit something difficult (socks, gloves, sweater)
53. Do all handmade gifts for one Christmas
Make a birthday calendar(January 2016)
55. Complete 10 DIY projects from Pinterest (1/10: Winter wreath, Jan. 2016)
Make a joy jarand put one paper in each week until Thanksgiving (2016)
57. Sell something on Etsy
58. Knit a chunky blanket


59. Leave a 100% tip (May 2016)
60. Have flowers delivered to someone
61. Throw a surprise party
62. Give 5 “just because” gifts
63. Pay for someone else’s meal at a restaurant


64. Have a fancy Kentucky Derby party
65. Read 30 new books
66. Go to the opera
67. Listen to live jazz music
68. See an outdoor movie
69. Watch 5 classic films
70. Take a break from Netflix one week a month for 6 months
71. See a new Broadway show
72. Read all the books I own and have never read (included in the 30 books goal)


73. Clear out my trunk
74. Fly a kite
75. Go to a shooting range
76. Memorize 15 new scripture verses
77. Try a new workout style
78. Buy fresh flowers every week for a month
79. Get a new job (April 2016)
80. Chop off my hair
81. Learn to open a beer with something other than a bottle opener
82. Get car repairs
83. Hike “A” Mountain (2016)
84. Lose 40 pounds
85. Run a 5k
86. Learn to draw the perfect wing tip eyeliner
87. Learn to tie a tie
88. Pay off one credit card
89. Change my own tire
90. Send out Christmas cards
91. Start seeing a psychologist
92. Take a ballroom dancing lesson
93. Try Top Golf
94. Do yoga three times a week for a month
95. Do 25 consecutive pushups
96. Treat Kellie to a sister day
97. Unplug completely for 24 hours
98. Get a physical
99. Replace my couch pillows
100. Complete a “spring” cleaning purge
101. Save $10 for every goal accomplished (13/101)

 This challenge has been so much fun. I cooked a five course French meal (never make macarons, they are from the devil):

I got a new job, I tried new foods:
Chicken liver mousse and culinary perfection.
 I redecorated my apartment:

I wasn't tall enough to hang the last picture myself.

I've also made plans to see more places around Arizona, and tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going to the Musical Instrument Museum. So what do you think, would you join in on the 101 in 1001 fun or does it sound like too much??

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  1. So awesome!!! Good luck in your journey :) I have just found this craze and am making my own list. Struggling with the last several spots!