May SLP Must Have: Very Hungry Caterpillar Complete Caseload Bundle

When I first started doing speech therapy, I wasn't sure what kind of therapist I would be. I watched everyone around me, I tried anything and everything I could. Eventually I found my style and settled into a rhythm. I love play therapy, thematic units, and literacy based learning!

One of my favorite units ever since my days as a preschool IA, has been The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Let's be honest, Eric Carle is just brilliant. I remember getting the Very Quiet Cricket for my 7th birthday and being obsessed. His books are fun, repetitive, and beautifully illustrated.

I knew as soon as I began making products on TpT that I would be doing a Hungry Caterpillar unit. I made one in early April, and my co-worker and I used it together for 2 full weeks of sessions. My kids loved it! This unit was the first time I felt the personal empowerment of making my own products to fit my patients needs. Plus, it's just so rewarding to watch your kiddos have fun interacting with something you made!

For my first time participating in an SLP Must Have Sale, I've decided to put my Very Hungry Caterpillar Complete Caseload Bundle on sale! I see patients from 20 months to 16 years, and this bundle can be used for everyone I see.

This bundle includes a Hungry Caterpillar Reader Set, a speech and language companion pack, and a social skills conversation game. First, the readers! There are five readers in this set. For littles you have a color, counting, and spatial concepts book. There is a straight forward reader, and finally a reader with fill-in-the-blank spaces for vocab.

The Speech and Language Companion Pack is 29 pages of resources. There's everything from multi-purpose cards, a life cycle sequencing and writing page, favorite food simile worksheets, even caterpillar and butterfly craft ideas! You can see a full listing of product details can be found here.

My kiddos favorite part of the unit was this adorable (big-eyed) caterpillar can I created. We used the multi-purpose cards to "feed" him as we read through the story. We also put the packets inference cards, or various items from around our room inside the can, then used clues and our super inferring skills to figure out what that silly caterpillar had eaten.

Those eyes, though...
Finally, this bundle includes a fun game focusing on conversation skills. Students will become social butterflies as they learn to start and end conversations, join ongoing conversations, make comments, and ask questions. An optional use game board and two die are included.

This item is worth $8.50, but is bundled together with a Complete Caseload discount at $6.50. Today only you can get this item for half off the discounted price for the May SLP Must Have Sale. For only $3.25, this bundle can't be beat!

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