UnbeLEAFable Students!

Our students are amazing, aren't they?!!

The problem is, they often don't seem to know that! How often have you asked a student what they are good at to hear a chorus of I don't knows or nothings. I even asked a student what they were good at this week and his response was, "I'm not good at drawing."

It is so sad to see this manifesting so early in life, since so many adults still struggle with this very thing! Low self-esteem causes us all to think we aren't good at things. If we know someone who is better at something than us, it causes us to devalue our own abilities in that same area.

All my students ere in need of a self-esteem boost! So I sat down and told them that they were incredible, amazing, unbelievable at various things....and then I made them name those things! Some students took more coaxing than others, but everyone was able to write something down!

Each student got a blank leaf, wrote down what they were great at, and I created this giant bulletin board in the hallway near our speech room! The board was my first every, and definitely full of imperfections, but we have still gotten so many compliments on the students leaves! They are just shining bright in our hallway and everyone is noticing!

My unbeLEAFable students are growing in confidence daily, and I hope they always understand their worth. They are amazing in my eyes!

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