Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Everyday Therapy

Today was Tuesday, and Tuesday's are a tough day on my schedule. I work in a difficult office with few materials, I've got difficult kiddos and some difficult parents which all make it...well, difficult to get excited for work. This morning I looked around in vain for something new and exciting to engage my first little preschool patient, and then it hit me--I had a secret gem hiding in my bag!

Last week my boyfriend's sister gave me this remnant from her Raising Canes kids meal. It was a make it yourself lemonade stand!

My friend was sooo excited! We had to follow directions to put it together, then he worked on requesting stickers and using his best spatial concepts to tell me where to put them. 

I was not feeling particularly motivated for my day, but this totally turned things around. He had a blast, and I got to target everything: following directions, spatial concepts, requesting, verbs, asking questions, social language, social skills (our other friends had to wait in line, be polite, etc.), recall, and more!

So what about you, do you have any unassuming items that have turned out to be fantastic therapy toys??

Saturday, May 21, 2016

101 in 1001

You know, I feel like as a blogger I have nothing worth saying. I'm not sure yet what I want to publish, or if my voice is worth sharing. So, while I work through that existential dilemma, I'm going to share something light and personal!

I make resolutions most new years, not because I think I'll keep them but for tradition and a chance to challenge myself moving forward. I always do resolutions that include a look back at my previous years accomplishments. This year my boyfriend and I made 3 resolutions, but I wanted to do more. When the holidays hit last year I was feeling very restless. A month before that I had returned from a trip to North Africa, and looking around I was in a place of feeling unhappy with my workplace and felt like I had no personal life outside of work. It was beginning to feel overwhelming, but I didn't know how to change or what to focus on moving forward.

I had been looking around Pinterest at the resolutions posts, and ran across something called the 101 in 1001. The idea is to make a list of 101 things you want to do in the next, you guessed it, 1001 days. I mulled over the idea for a few days, then on January 1st of this year my sister and I made our lists.

My partner in list making on the left.
Lists can be organized however you like, and here's my list below! Some items have already been completed and some are ongoing in progress goals. My sister shared both our lists on her blog, so this is copied directly from there:

Saturday, May 7, 2016

May SLP Must Have: Very Hungry Caterpillar Complete Caseload Bundle

When I first started doing speech therapy, I wasn't sure what kind of therapist I would be. I watched everyone around me, I tried anything and everything I could. Eventually I found my style and settled into a rhythm. I love play therapy, thematic units, and literacy based learning!

One of my favorite units ever since my days as a preschool IA, has been The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Let's be honest, Eric Carle is just brilliant. I remember getting the Very Quiet Cricket for my 7th birthday and being obsessed. His books are fun, repetitive, and beautifully illustrated.

I knew as soon as I began making products on TpT that I would be doing a Hungry Caterpillar unit. I made one in early April, and my co-worker and I used it together for 2 full weeks of sessions. My kids loved it! This unit was the first time I felt the personal empowerment of making my own products to fit my patients needs. Plus, it's just so rewarding to watch your kiddos have fun interacting with something you made!

For my first time participating in an SLP Must Have Sale, I've decided to put my Very Hungry Caterpillar Complete Caseload Bundle on sale! I see patients from 20 months to 16 years, and this bundle can be used for everyone I see.